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Ariane Grundmann in action

Culture of Trust: Fantastic results become possible


Trust yourself and your team – for a feedback that catapults you to the top league.

Deliver superior customer experiences to the market – they are always made by people in encounters and interactions with customers – these interactions are characterized by trust or distrust – neutrality is an illusion..
Fantastic business results based on trust – be prepared!



What we can learn from the Danes:
Nordic qualities for business, leadership, life

Simplicity, Freedom, Community, Flexibility
Why CEOs from the Northern countries are represented above average in the TOP 100 and what they do differently in leadership management and cooperation.
Best practices of our Nordic neighbors in the field of business, leadership , life, success.



Not for cowards: Do not shy away from discovering


What would happen if breaking out of the rat race by trying harder was not successful?
What can be discovered when you hold on to take a breath, and how can you make it work?
How can we react more confident to challenges in complex times instead of just running faster? Courageous strategies which help leave the rat race and hold on to reflect for a moment.