Success comes from practice.

Itokala sees itself as an initiator and active companion of change that is individually and interactively developed with all involved. What’s so special about it is the way in which changes that have been already set into motion are carefully observed yet – subtly and with the resources of all parties – kept in the flow.

We immediately respond with adequate measures to any unexpected occurrences during ongoing processes. All previous experience from numerous change projects overseen by Itokala confirms the effectiveness of this flexible, in parts pioneering, approach.

The rigid adherence to master plans until their completion is not reconcilable with this knowledge. Instead, Itokala uses appropriate psychological levers in order to align progress in the details continually to the highest possible overall advantage as early as in the ongoing process – of course, always with the greater objectives kept in view.

This is the course of Itokala:

  • assessment of all measures from all relevant perspectives
  • Itokala leadership expertise even at the highest levels
  • high personal sense of responsibility of Itokala