Where does everybody stand when taking a leap into the new?

Itokala Change Management provides support to brands and companies only for a limited period of time, during the transition phase. In this context, the tasks for team building focus on the most important item of all:

Personnel constellations and forms of collaboration have to be found, which promise the best performance in the future.

Once again, practice shows that the Itokala approach very quickly generates unambiguous facts from the internal feedback, which can be applied constructively. Be it on the executive level or with large teams – the appropriate method is readily available.

This is the course of Itokala:

  • screening all available potentials for the team
  • dealing with current conflicts and other nuisance factors
  • clarification of the willingness to assume new tasks on an individual level
  • taking into account all aspects to build up/promote motivation
  • detailed proposal for new, efficient internal agreements
  • binding agreements on cooperation and on how to deal with conflicts