We turn motivation into qualification.

Itokala training courses are characterized by their liveliness and qualified practical relevance. The reason for this is as simple as it is convincing: The content of the training has to be as specific and tangible as possible. So participants can literally “grasp” what it is all about.

To this end, Itokala pulls out all the stops when it comes to visual communication and interactive learning techniques. Contents are stringently associated with images; roles and tasks are allocated and played through….

Thus new possibilities, opportunities and risks can be experienced and reflected upon in a true-to-life way. And last but not least, self-perception and external perception encounter each other in a protected area, and necessary adjustments can be made.

This is the course of Itokala:

  • motivating change training geared to the individual
  • targeted management training for new projects and tasks
  • qualified executive training for new targets